2nd Floral Week

2nd FLORAL WEEK, the attractive and international floral art event, will be held in the Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion in Opatija.

2nd Floral Week

Floral designers from Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia will create attractive decorations, present trends in floral art and design as well as novelties that are present in the world today.

Guests from abroad are the world-renowned floral designers: European champion and third in the world Tamas Mezoffy, and, among the eight best floral designers in the world, Vincenzo Antonuccio with team: Giuseppe Contartese, Marilena Calbini, Christina Cianci Žerić, Simon Ogrizek (president of the international florist organization FLORINT), and students, future florists.

2024. Opatija Város Idegenforgalmi Közössége . Minden jog fentartva.

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