Oštarija Osojnak

Family restaurant with high quality work

Oštarija Osojnak

More than 45 years of tradition have given Oštaria Osojnak an excellent reputation among lovers of good, local cuisine, especially of those who prefer meat.
Oštarija Osojnak is situated in Opatija’s hinterland and it is famous mostly for meat dishes, but besides grilled specialties, it is well known even for more complex meat dishes prepared under the peka (dishes baked in a fireplace under a bell-like dome) and for the traditional approach to gastronomy.
Along with meat dishes, the menu offers also various pasta dishes, accompanied by a good wine offer.

Specialities: Grilled meat dishes, homemade pasta with capon sauce, maeštra vegetable soup.

2024. Opatija Város Idegenforgalmi Közössége . Minden jog fentartva.

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