Grill boćarija Opatija

A wide range of delicious dishes prepared in charcoal grill

Grill boćarija Opatija

The smell of čevapčići, pljeskavice and other grilled dishes, as well as grilled fish and squid, attracting true gourmets and lovers of meat and seafood delicacies, for decades has been the best signpost to the Boćarija Opatija located alongside a bocce ball court.
During the week, the restaurant offers a range of affordable brunch dishes, as well as a price-friendly and tasty alternative for exploring typical local cuisine, and a meal on the wooden benches of Boćarija Opatija is an opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions of the local community that uses this restaurant as a center for socialization, playing cards and bocce.

Specialities: Grilled dishes – čevapčići (typical skinless meat sausage), pljeskavice (spiced meat patty mixture), fried and grilled squid, fried and grilled small blue fish.

2024. Turistična skupnost mesta Opatije. Vse pravice pridržane.

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