12th Croatian Sports Recreation Festival of Nordic Walking and Hiking

One of the largest recreational events in Croatia, with participation of over 1500 participants

The Sports Recreation Club Gorovo is the organizer of the 12th Croatian Sports Recreation Festival of Nordic Walking and Hiking, scheduled for April 13, 2024. The festival is held under the patronage of the Croatian Association for Sports Recreation "Sport for All," the Croatian Olympic Committee, the Croatian Nordic Walking Association, and the City of Opatija. In 2024, the event is organized to celebrate the 180th anniversary of tourism in Opatija.

The Nordic Walking and Hiking Sports Recreation Festival is one of the largest recreational events in Croatia, expecting 1500 participants from all over the country who will engage in hiking and Nordic walking programs along the historic paths of the city of Opatija.

The gathering of participants begins at 9:30 am at the small Summer Stage in Opatija, with the official opening of the festival starting at 11:00 am. In addition to the recognizable sports and recreational content, the festival will include presentations of outdoor activities in Opatija, gastronomic offerings, presentations of local family farms (OPGs), an expanded range of sports and recreational activities, and entertainment programs. The gastronomic offerings and entertainment program will take place throughout the day at the Summer Stage.

At 11:15 am, the hiking/Nordic walking disciplines will commence, divided into four routes, depending on the participant's choice. In categories such as preschool age, younger school age, older school age, middle age, retirees, and persons with disabilities, participants will follow the following routes:

  1. VOLLOSKO ROUTE (easy route, 3 km long, approximately 1.30 hours): Villa Angiolina - Lungomare - Volosko - Villa Angiolina
  2. IČIĆI ROUTE (easy route, 8 km long, approximately 2.15 hours): Villa Angiolina - Lungomare - Ičići - Villa Angiolina
  3. BLUE-GREEN ROUTE (moderately difficult route, 9 km long, approximately 3 hours): Villa Angiolina - Slatina - Vrutki spring - Forest path - Ičići - Lungomare - Villa Angiolina
  4. SEA ROUTE (easy route, 4 km long, approximately 1.15 hours): Option A: Opatija harbor - boat ride to Ičići - Nordic walking along Lungomare - Villa Angiolina Option B: Villa Angiolina - Nordic walking along Lungomare - Ičići - boat ride to Opatija harbor TOURIST ROUTE: sightseeing of cultural landmarks of the city of Opatija with a tourist guide

Participation fee applies.
View the complete program in the attached documents (croatian only).