18th Chocolate Festival

November 8 - 10, 2024

Choco programs
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Don’t miss out on discovering some new chocolate delicacies and fantastic flavours. Indulge in chocolate aromas and enjoy the elegance of Opatija, the town of chocolate!

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What is winter without chocolate? The sweet taste that has marked the happiest moments in our lives will bring to perfection romantic winter evenings on richly decorated streets with good music in the background and a great atmosphere in the air. Opatija and chocolate have been closely linked for years thanks to the Chocolate Festival, the biggest and oldest Croatian event dedicated to this indispensable food.

This year, the second weekend in November will be dedicated to this event, which will ‘mix’ chocolate into every aspect of the town’s life: the Chocolate Magic fair in the Gervais Centre will bring together the best local and international chocolate brands and present some unique and hard-to-find chocolate delicacies. Chocolate will also be present not only on the menus of Opatija restaurants and cafés, but also in specially designed treatments of the town’s spa & wellness centres.

From 10 to 12 November, the enticing aroma of chocolate will conquer all the senses of the numerous visitors to the sweetest event in Opatija, whose programme will include musical performances by excellent bands and artists, interesting workshops, exhibitions and lectures, as well as the creation of incredible chocolate sculptures.

Just as it is difficult to imagine winter without chocolate, so it is difficult to imagine chocolate without Opatija, because the perfect combination of that powerful taste, days filled with numerous activities, and the romantic atmosphere of this favourite Adriatic tourist destination make up the ‘recipe’ for a great, sweet weekend that will remain in your memory for a long time.