Visit numerous events and activities from March until December in Opatija and check special offers at participating spa centres, polyclinics and clinics!

Opatija has blended traditional advantages such as a favorable climate, beautiful nature and numerous opportunities for sports and recreation with modern health care institutions and spa and wellness centers. All this will be presented by the Oasis of Health and Wellness programme, with active walks, online exercises with Marija Mlinarić and specially designed treatments.

Vacation as a medicine, and tourism as a path to health. It is a formula that has become relevant around the world in the past year. However, in Opatija it has been an everyday occurrence and a reality for more than 130 years. The well-known Kvarner health destination is the first climatic health resort on the Adriatic. It received this official status on March 4, 1889, which is why every spring the Opatija Tourist Board organizes the Oasis of Health and Wellness program.

The beneficial effects of Opatija's air rich in iodine and sea salt, but also the unique microclimate conditioned by the city's position between mountain peaks and sea waves, are a recipe for health that doctors have recommended since the end of the 19th century. And this traditional recipe has been updated with a program of activities that calls for the spring awakening of the organism.

Apart from health, this event focuses on movement, sports and recreation, because Opatija offers numerous opportunities for active vacation and active life. The ideal combination of the green slopes of Učka and the blue depths and waves of the Adriatic Sea enables activities such as hiking, biking, trails and free climbing, but also windsurfing, kayaking and other sea sports.

All these advantages of Opatija will be presented by an interesting programme that will last from March to December. The Opatija Tourist Board organizes complimentary guided walking tours every Saturday starting at 10 a.m. in front of Villa Angiolina. In cooperation with the Sports Recreation Club Gorovo, these active walks will connect active vacation and recreation with getting to know Opatija from a new perspective. Nordic walking sticks are also provided for 30 participants. A slightly more active “tour” through Opatija will be made possible by the night trail race “Carmen Sylva Night Trail Run” taking route on the beautiful forest promenade Carmen Sylva, which will take place on March 25th.

Traditionally, the event will include Opatija's wellness and spa centers that have prepared appropriate treatments and services.