Croatian Walk of Fame

Modeled on the Hollywood Street of Fame

Croatian Walk of Fame

The Croatian Walk of Fame project in Opatija was launched in 2005 by the Apriori Communications agency as a symbolic tribute to all the people whose sporting, scientific, cultural or artistic endeavours have contributed significantly to the worldwide promotion of Croatia.

Potential candidates for inclusion are nominated by the project's independent Nomination Board consisting of several noted public individuals. From the board's nominations, readers of the media sponsors then cast their vote to decide which two candidates (one living, one awarded posthumously) should have their stars included in the Croatian Walk of Fame.

Previous laureates

Dragutin Tadijanović – Culture and arts (2005.)
Miroslav Krleža – Culture and arts (2005.)
Miroslav Radman – Science (2005.)
Nikola Tesla – Science(2005.)
Janica Kostelić – Sport (2005.)
Krešimir Ćosić – Sport (2005.)
Oliver Dragojević – Extra (2005.)
Dražen Petrović – Extra (2005.)
Rade Šerbedžija – Culture and arts (2006.)
Fabijan Šovagović – Culture and arts (2006.)
Goran Ivanišević – Sport (2006.)
Matija Ljubek - Sport (2006.)
Ivan Đikić – Science (2006.)
Ruđer Bošković – Science (2006.)
Boris Dvornik – Extra (2006.)
Ivo Robić – Extra (2006.)
Ivano Balić – Sport (2007.)
Bernard Vukas – Sport (2007.)
Pero Kvrgić – Culture and arts (2007.)
Tin Ujević – Culture and arts (2007.)
Oliver Mlakar – Extra (2007.)
Đorđe Novković – Extra (2007.)
Željko Reiner – Science (2007.)
Ivan Supek – Science (2007.)